Lowering our Basement

So if you live in Washington DC , in an older home, you know what it’s like to walk down into your basement and hit your head on the rafters. Our home was built in 1921 and apparently everybody was four foot eleven back then.

Recently my wife and I decided we wanted to rent remodel our basement so that we could rent it out to someone and make a little extra money. With the kids off at college it only makes sense. After all, Yale University isn’t cheap. The problem is, our basement is only 6 1/2 feet tall and the Washington DC city code says it needs to be at least 7 feet high floor-to-ceiling. Apparently you can’t rent out your basement unless the ceiling is that height and the City considers it habitable.

Basement Lowering Project - Washington DC
This is our basement. Now let’s start digging!

So what does that mean? I guess it means we need to lower our basement. I don’t know if any of you have done research on this or not, but this kind of construction is pretty expensive! Thousands and thousands of dollars just to dig a hole in the basement an extra six inches. Hopefully we’ll be able to make our money back before we die.

So I did what every red-blooded American does nowadays, I hopped on Google and search “Basement Lowering DC” and I found the YouTube video of company in Gaithersburg called basementloweringdc.com and give them a call. They came out the next morning and helped me get past the sticker shock.

It really is going to be nice to have a finished basement for once. Even if we don’t rent it out, we’ll have a nice living space where we can go and enjoy our Netflix and chill!

Kitchen Project

our-old-kitchenI have a feeling this is going to be a busy holiday season.  We decided at the last minute that we want to redo our kitchen and have hired a contractor to come in and take a look at what we think would be nice.  He has promised to get it done by the middle of December so that when everyone comes for Christmas, we’ll have a beautiful brand new kitchen for everyone to gather in.

It’s so much work though.  We have so much stuff in there and I feel like we are moving.  We have boxed up many of the kitchen utensils, eat/drinkware, pots/pans and the pantry.  We’re hoping they can begin construction within the next 2 weeks.  I’m guessing there aren’t a lot of people as crazy as us…planning a kitchen remodeling project just weeks before the holidays.

Judy has a friend who had their kitchen remodeled last year and sent us to yelp to see the reviews of the company that they used.  I think we’re going to hire them if all else goes well.  Go Pro Construction is a contractor in Gaithersburg, MD…but they do a bunch of work down here in Virginia so I think it’ll be ok.  They have a bunch of showrooms so that was cool to be able to look at all the cabinets they can get ordered…and they said they can get everything ordered and to our home by Dec 1.  We’ll have to see if that’s true, but it looks promising.

Getting pretty excited!  We’ll keep you posted!

Children and Saran Wrap

I have three children and they couldn’t be more awesome!  Unless of course, they were someone else’s kids!  They jump on every nerve I have and they seem to enjoy every second of it!  Why else would they keep pushing me to the brink of insanity?

So my oldest child is 16…and a girl…and impossible to communicate with in a pleasant manner.  I’m told by so many other parents of teenagers that someday I’ll look back on all of this and we’ll all love each other…but that assumes that we all make it to “someday!!”

Don’t get me wrong, she’s a lovely child.  She is beautiful…talented…and even shows flashes of being smart! LOL.  But she can turn it all on and off at her whims and it drives me crazy.

The other day she was looking at dresses to buy for her homecoming weekend which will come fairly quickly once school starts this fall.  She was going from website to website looking for ideas and made the mistake of peeking over her shoulder to see what beautiful dress she was considering…when I should have known better.  This is NOT your mother’s homecoming!  And these “dresses” – if you can call them that – are little more than colored fabric that fits like Saran Wrap would if it were stretched to it’s limit and then stretched some more!  Holy crap that looked tight!

Let’s put it this way…if my wife had caught me looking at a model in that dress on the computer, I would have slept on the couch for a week.  And my daughter wants to wear this out…and to a school function???

Oh and by the way…the price of this dress was not exactly in proportion to the size of the dress. She assured me should could find a dress for under $30.  Why I listened to her, I’ll never know! She also failed to mention that matching shoes were a necessity as well.  Shoot me.



“How the heck is this appropriate for a 16 year old???”

I have a headache just thinking about it.  I said no…took my lumps…and dreamed of the day when she had kids!

Hey There

My name is Bill Lero and I really have no idea why I’m doing this.  I’m really not much of a blogger, but my family says this is a good idea.

My wife’s name is Judy Gold (thus LeroGold.com – get it?) and I have been together for almost 25 years now…and I couldn’t have asked for a better partner in life.  We do everything together.  We travel…we work together…and we love nothing more than spending time with each other.

So I guess this blog is just going to be about Judy and I…and our life together.  We have had many adventures already and hopefully there are many more to come.  I’ll write about them as we go.

Sit back and enjoy!